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Sound Healing is an ancient art that gains new dimension through modern research within music therapy.
Art Of Union was created with the intention of exploring the therapeutic and relaxing aspects of sound healing as a musical experience including the usage of Gongs, singing bowls, rhythm, voice and ASMR.


Mateusz Krawiec 

Mateusz is a sound & movement artist, yoga teacher and the founder of Sound Healing Scandinavia and co-founder of Art of Union. Originally from South-West Poland, Mateusz’s life journey took him many years ago to Sweden where he is now home. He is a former Lawyer, who found his connection and passion to the body, mind and awareness whilst overcoming addiction.
He is passionate about creating playground-like educations, trainings, retreats and teachings and sharing his passion for the love of sound with the world. Always exploring new ways to approach the space he holds to allow people to completely surrender into their body and reaching a meditative state and well-being.

Leona Ernsdotter Frantzich 

Leona’s biggest passion is to bring people together to resonate as one, exploring the therapeutic qualities of sound experienced as one unit. Creating vibrations in the body that allows us to grow as individuals, as well as a collective. Leona has studied traditional music, sound engineering and music production, and wrote her bachelor thesis on Sound Healing and ASMR in modern music. She believes strongly in the healing aspects of sounds, and always focuses on how music is felt. In 2019 she released her debut album, Kvinnlig Kraft, a co-creation with producer. Apart from music being her passion, she is working as a freelance project manager, screenwriter and producer in Stockholm, creating children's programs for Svt, UR and YLE. She plays in the bands Sat Sisters and Atma, and is a frequent spaceholder for sound therapy around Sweden. As part of Art of Union she will offer Sound Healing, ASMR and Medicine Songs with the intention to support each person to explore, meditate and vibrate.


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