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Sound Therapy

Instruments, Events, Education 

Experience the art of healing, learn how to share it and find your unique instrument at Sound Healing Scandinavia. 



Mateusz Krawiec

"My spiritual practice is SOUND"

Sound & movement artist, yoga teacher and the founder of Art of Union. Originally from South-West Poland, living in Sweden. He is a former Lawyer, who found his connection and passion to the body, mind and awareness. 

He is passionate about creating playground-like educations, trainings, retreats and teachings and sharing his passion for the love of sound with the world. Always exploring new ways to approach the space he holds to allow people to completely surrender into their body and reaching a meditative state and well-being.

He will help you find your magic portal of sound in form of an instrument.

"I want you to find an instrument, which you will proudly pass on to your grandchildren "