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Size 19"


This Specific Gong is in Tone C


Ayahuasca Gong is a special Pattern helping you to connect with spirit of the plant medicine.


19" Gong from Grotta Sonora despite small Sound are capable to carry incredible experience played alone both in individual and group session !




Spiral Mirror os both art piece to look at and instrument wirh mystirious dark tone.


These unique artworks are handmade in Calcutta, Italy. The team of Grotta Sanora (the „sounding cave“) ensembles unique instruments while combining art and sound in a way no one else does. It’s a unique expression for the true artist at heart. We are honored to be the official retailer and are here to support you to discover one of their many designs and sounds.


There are a couple of possible patterns you can order in customized versions. Discover your own unique instrument and piece of art with us.


Find out more about Grotta Sonora here:

Grotta Sonora Ayahuasca

7 000,00 krPrice
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